Looking to buy a home in the Indianapolis and Surrounding area?  Have questions on the home buying process? 

We have helped hundreds of people buy their first home, and have worked with many that have bought/sold multiple properties over the past 15 years.  Look at some of the recent homes we have sold to our buyers here.

We will make sure you are treated fairly and are able to find just the home you are looking for.   While at the same time negotiating in your best interests!  This means getting you a fair price, negotiating inspection issues, and making sure your financing needs are met and we make to closing on your chosen date.  

Two important videos below you need to watch that explains not only why you need a dedicated real estate buyer agent looking out for your best interests(and it costs you nothing!), but also a video that explains the step by step process we take you through when you purchase your next house.

Video on why you need a buyer agent to represent you in your home purchase transaction:


Step by Step Home Buying Process Explained: